What's the German translation of a word or phrase? Is my translation correct? Please give as much context as possible ...
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08.06.2012 18:52:46

I'm lovin' it

by muckla
Dieser Werbeslogan kommt mir so falsch vor. Müsste hier nicht simple present angewendet werden? Bestimmt ist es slang - wer spricht so? Ist das amerikanisch?
11.06.2012 08:03:54

I'm lovin' it; McDonald's

by [PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey muckla,

For the most part, you're right: The verb "to love" is usually not used as "somebody is loving something," but rather, "somebody loves something."

I think, however, at least in America, "I'm lovin' it" has become more and more popular, most likely since the famous McDonald's advertising campaign first appeared.

11.06.2012 19:24:00

Re: I'm lovin' it

by Laura77
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Hi muckla, hi Yama

I agree that it's not the grammatical form that usually springs to mind in this case.
This probably has to do with the intent behind the advenrtising slogan - to emphasise the experience rather than simply the product - even if it means bending the rules of grammar in the process ;) "


13.06.2012 11:48:54

Re: I'm lovin' it

by Guest
Thanks so much to both of you!

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