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Duo Languages was formed to exploit the demand for computer language tools, firstly for the Windows market, that could be used on phones and tablets. Initially conceived as a vocabulary trainer it was soon expanded to include a dictionary and phrase book. Something that either a student or a traveller could keep in their pocket and always have access to instant assistance. After talking to all of the leading dictionary companies it quickly became apparent that one company stood out from the rest and that company was PONS. It was clear to the fledgling Duo that PONS really understood the potential for electronic dictionary access as the latter had demonstrated by developing their language portal website www.pons.eu.

Whilst other dictionary companies were just beginning to license their databases, PONS recognised that, as people moved to an ‘always connected’ environment, a better solution was to host an online service and to provide developers with a comprehensive REST-based API to enable them to retrieve the rich information held in their own extensive database. What first impressed Duo in the early stages of development was the flexible attitude of PONS staff who went out of their way to help us learn how the API could be incorporated into our product. Responses from the API were fast and comprehensive which resulted in an end-product that was both compact and simple to use.

Duo are currently planning to extend their products across multiple languages and platforms, including tablets and other devices.


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