PONS Publishing is based in Stuttgart, Germany and publishes educational and general dictionaries and learning materials under the PONS imprint. 50 employees from 10 countries collaborate with authors the world over.

The PONS Story – From 1978 to the Present Day

In 1948 our first English dictionary was published in Stuttgart under the Klett imprint. A French dictionary followed suit in 1960. Named from an idea by Publisher, Michael Klett the PONS imprint was born in 1978. That same year the first PONS Dictionaries for English and French were published. Since then, PONS titles have been characterized by their typical logo of blue dots on a green background. From 1980, language courses, grammar books, and other language-learning materials have been added to the publishing range. In 2008 PONS celebrated its thirtieth anniversary

PONS - The Traditional Publishing House

PONS produces dictionaries, language courses, grammars, and school learning aids from beginning to advanced level in over thirty languages from Arabic to Turkish. For further information about our products visit us at the PONS online shop at

PONS - the Internet Language Service Provider

In 2001 the first PONS bilingual online dictionary went live. It covered only five language pairs: German–English, –Italian, –French, –Spanish, –Polish, each with 120,000 headwords and phrases. A few years later, it war further expanded under the name PONS. The Online Dictionary

The new, free online dictionary is ad-financed and has been available on the net since 15 October 2008. Here, users can consult some 12 million words and phrases in the languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Turkish, Portuguese, Greek and Latin. In addition to 30 bilingual online dictionaries PONS provides “PONS German Spelling Dictionary” and - unique in the online dictionary sector - “The Dictionary of German as a Foreign Language”.

An especially useful option: Listen to spoken pronunciations of words and phrases in both source and target languages by clicking on the loudspeaker icon.

The Picture Dictionary illustrates terms in context. Being able to call up terms in their visual and thematic context is an attractive option especially for language learners.

Via the feedback function everyone who accesses the online dictionary can contact the PONS dictionary editing team directly.
On all users can collaborate: in our Open Dictionary (OpenDict, for short) every user can compile entries for missing items and submit them to PONS. Our editorial team verifies each entry. In this way, users can see their own PONS entries together with the editorial PONS data.

All offers of PONS on are free of charge to users.

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