Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the PONS Online Dictionary be expanded with other languages and functions?

Yes, we add new languages, tools and functions on an ongoing basis. See what’s new at PONS under New Functions at PONS

2. Can I use the Dictionary on my mobile device too?

Yes, the mobile version for internet-enabled mobile phones and smartphones is available at http://mobile.pons.eu

3. How often is the Dictionary updated?

PONS updates its lexical database almost daily. In addition, you can, if you wish, compile your own entries in a number of languages and submit them to the PONS editorial department.
Thanks to your participation the PONS Online Dictionary is thus expanded several times hourly. You will generally find your entries underneath the corresponding green PONS entries, or - if a PONS entry for the headword does not yet exist - at the top of the search results page.
Want to contribute? Here you can compile a dictionary entry

4. How big is the Online Dictionary?

The PONS lexical database contains some 12 million headwords, phrases, and their translations in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, German, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish and Latin.

5. If I find errors in the Dictionary or encounter technical problems, how can I report them?

Use the feedback form which you find by clicking first on the “i” at the top of each entry, then on the envelope icon to report an error or any form of abuse in a dictionary entry. Alternatively you can click on Contact to send us an email.

In the event of technical problems you can contact us by sending an email to info@pons.eu .

We welcome your feedback on errors as well as your comments, criticism, and suggestions for improvement. Thanks in advance for your valuable input!

6. Is there an offline version of the Dictionary that can be used without an internet connection?

The free PONS Online Dictionary in its most current version is available only online.
Of course, we also have a line of dictionaries which can be used offline. Under www.pons.de you will find our online shop. Here you can discover more about our PONS products and order your desired products simply and conveniently. In our online shop you can also find information about smartphone apps from PONS.

7. Will the Online Dictionary always be free of charge?

Yes, the PONS Online Dictionary is free of charge for all users until further notice.

8. Can I translate complete sentences and texts?

Yes! Click on the "Text translation" tab to translate longer texts in over 50 languages.

The text translation provides a working translation which renders the general sense of foreign language texts. The PONS Online Dictionary helps you to perfect the results of this text translation by looking up individual word entries. Here you can find the various meanings of a word and the rules governing its correct usage in the foreign language.

9. Can I make additions to the Dictionary?

Any time you like! As a user you can choose from a large number of language combinations to compile your own entries and submit them to the PONS editorial department.
In this manner the PONS Online Dictionary is supplemented several times per hour. Your contribution generally appears beneath the green PONS entries in the search result view, or - if there is not yet a PONS entry to the headword in question - at the top. We invite you to contribute - all you need to do is create an account completely free of charge Then you can get started! Click on sign up . and seconds later you have your own account. With this free PONS account you also gain access to our free online vocabulary trainer  
We advise you to read How to Compile an OpenDict Entry before you set about creating your first entry.

10. How do I enter characters that I can't find on my keyboard?

That’s really easy! The search field has an integrated virtual keyboard. Simply click on the little blue and white keyboard icon in the search field with your mouse.

11. If the font on PONS is too small for your taste, here’s what you can do.

Increase the type-size in the Online Dictionary by activating the corresponding View menu item in your browser.

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