New Functions at PONS!

Summary of Recent Updates at PONS

New! German-Latin

Our Latin-German Dictionary has been available online since mid-2011. Now, as of Feb. 29, 2012 we have added a new feature for you! Our German-Latin Online Dictionary is complete and at your disposal free of charge.

Now you can search for and find words and translations in both language directions.

We have also added “neologisms” such as Fernseher (television), Handy (mobile phone) and Motorrad (motorcycle). So now, the dictionaries are up-to-date and even more comprehensive. Our online-dictionary “Latin-German-Latin” now has some 190,000 words and prases and includes terms from the “modern age”.

New Language Selection

With our new language selection it is still possible to search in both halves of a dictionary with only one click. So, if you are writing a German-language text, you can enter English or German words in the search and always get a translation. This is our established search which has been available since 2008, and so we have selected it as the default setting.

NEW Funktion: "Translate from XX to YY": With this function you can search in only one half of the dictionary. This is perfect if, for example, you are translating a text from German into English. The screenshots below take you through this setting step by step.

Step 1: Key in your search term and select your source language.
Step 2: Select your desired translation direction.
Step3: Select your desired target language, then click on “Search”.

Note: This search function is especially useful when you are looking up a word that has a matching spelling in the other language, for example bank or link in English and German.

Spoken Pronunciation in both sides of the Dictionary

In all dictionaries spoken pronunciations are provided on each side of a language pair.
Regional variants now with spoken pronunciations: In our dictionaries we have always taken great care to record regional differences. Now, in addition you can actually hear regional differences. You can select whether you want to hear the British or American pronunciation of an English word or phrase or the European or Brazilian pronunciation of a Portuguese one.

Here’s how: Place your mouse on the speaker symbol to see which pronunciations are available for the word or phrase. Then simply select the pronunciation you want to hear. Have fun comparing the pronunciations!

Spoken Pronunciations in our Glossaries

We have just recently integrated 6 new glossaries in PONS. Now, in addition we provide spoken pronunciations for the languages Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Czech.

Note: Our glossaries - the smaller dictionaries - now also have spoken pronunciations. Check out the pronunciation for sjuksköterska (nurse) in Swedish.

The i-Icon: Supplementary Tools

Click on the little i-Icon in each entry for enhanced features and additional information about each headword. Here you can display the entry in our visual dictionary and find synonyms for it; in addition you can display definitions from a number of monolingual dictionaries, or see encyclopedic information about your entry in Wikipedia.

Please Note: To send feedback to PONS just click on the link behind the i-Icon.

Clearer Presentation of Results

If you search in only one half of the dictionary (see above) you can profit from the advantages of our new results page. Translations are displayed in only one language direction, which makes the results screen significantly more concise and easier to consult. In addition, loading time is minimized.
In earlier versions the results from both halves of the dictionary were always displayed. This caused a longer results pages and longer load times.

Spoken Pronunciation of Words and Phrases on Tablets

Also new is spoken pronunciation for tablets (e.g. iPad). If you visit PONS with your tablet this new service is now at your disposal. In earlier versions spoken pronunciation was only available on PCs or laptops. Since the last update of the PONS interface this has changed. We invite you to play back spoken pronunciations of headwords and phrases on your mobile device.

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