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18.05.2010 10:27:17

a or they

by Nanny
I am not sure wether to use 'a' or 'the' in a sentence...
For example, is it 'The goal is to find an answer' or 'The goal is to find the answer'???
Please help!
18.05.2010 11:53:56

Re: a or they

by TheQueen
I'm not a teacher, but I can tell you that the meaning is different for these two sentences: "The goal is to find a briefcase (We need to find any briefcase) and "The goal is to find the briefcase (We need to find a specific briefcase)". When using "a" in your example, you want to find an answer amongst many possible answers. When using "the", you need to find a certain answer, as if you are looking for a certain solution. I hope you know what I mean and that I could help! ;)

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