What's the German translation of a word or phrase? Is my translation correct? Please give as much context as possible ...
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23.06.2012 14:37:07


by PM2
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“During the Roaring Twenties Harry's New York Bar in Paris was the heart of the American expatriate community, with celebrities from F Scott Fitzgerald to Ernest Hemingway regularly swinging by. Supposedly, it was while enjoying a bevy here that George Gershwin composed An American in Paris.”

Was heißt ‘bevy’?

Danke im Voraus.

24.06.2012 14:55:53

Re: bevy

by folletto
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Hi PM2,

Scots for an alcoholic beverage ("I'm going to hit the Bevy." translated as "I'm going for a drink.")

Ich würde es mit 'alkoholischem Getränk' (Drink) übersetzen. Das lässt offen, ob es sich um Bier, Cocktail o.ä. handelt.

Harry's Bar ist ja eigentlich berühmt für seine Cocktails.


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Martin Kessel
29.06.2012 11:50:44

Re: bevy

by [PONS] Ponsomime
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Just to add/clarify that ‘bevy’ is short for ‘beverage’ and, as folletto pointed out, usually means alcoholic beverage.

Bevy, of course, also has other meanings: http://de.pons.eu/dict/search/results/?q=bevy&l=deen&in=ac_en&lf=de&kbd=en-gb&search_in=dictionary


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