What's the German translation of a word or phrase? Is my translation correct? Please give as much context as possible ...
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05.01.2012 15:03:06

even handedly

by DrDrDrMr
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Hallo All,

Sophisticated computer programs can search these data sets with great speed, but fall short when researchers attempt to even-handedly detect different kinds of patterns in large data collections.

My attempt:

Raffinierte Computerprogramme können diese Datensätze mit großer Geschwindigkeit suchen, aber versagen, wenn Forscher versuchen, verschiedene Arten der Muster in großen Datensammlungen gleichermaßen zu erkennen.

I've underlined the words I’m not sure about.

Any comments/help gratefully received.

06.01.2012 14:57:20

Re: even handedly

by fredbär
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Hi DrDrDrMr,

I must say the use of even-handedly in the original seems a little odd – it seems to mean something like 'fairly' (so maybe fair?) or with equal chance/likelihood (mit gleicher Chance/Wahrscheinlichkeit) or, in the sense of unbiased, unvoreingenommen.

I think it would also be more idiomatic to say Arten von Mustern.

Hope that helps,


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