What's the German translation of a word or phrase? Is my translation correct? Please give as much context as possible ...
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13.11.2012 01:47:07

full blast

by Josef7
They stayed inside with the air-conditioning on full blast.

Sie blieben in den Häusern, in denen die Klimaanlagen auf vollen Touren liefen.

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13.11.2012 07:49:56

Re: full blast

by folletto
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Hi Josef7,

Ja, könne man so sagen - oder auch, .... die auf höchster Stufe / auf Hochtouren lief ....

full blast:
with as much power as possible


Wer eine Fremdsprache lernt, zieht den Hut vor einer anderen Nation.
Martin Kessel
14.11.2012 03:38:49

Re: full blast

by [PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey all,

Just as a side note, I'd like to add that another common collocation for full blast is:

engines at full blast



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