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What's the German translation of a word or phrase? Is my translation correct? Please give as much context as possible ...
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09.03.2012 09:46:10

sealed signed and delivered

by J W T
sealed, signed and delivered - kennt jemand ein deutsches Äquivalent?

09.03.2012 10:36:36

signed, sealed, delivered; Stevie Wonder

by 89rules
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Hey J W T,

I thought the order was

signed, sealed, delivered.

And check this out: That's the name of another song, this time by Stevie Wonder. :)

Take it easy,
09.03.2012 10:47:03

Re: sealed signed and delivered

by myna
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89rules hat Recht, die Reihenfolge ist signed, sealed, delivered. Das ist eine idiomatische Wendung und bedeutet "unter Dach und Fach". Findest du sogar hier im Wörterbuch.

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