What's the German translation of a word or phrase? Is my translation correct? Please give as much context as possible ...
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13.09.2012 14:49:15

to care less

by PM2
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Gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen ‘I could care less‘ und 'I couldn’t care less‘?– Ich habe beide mal gesehen und dachte, dass sie 'es ist mir egal‘ bedeuten.

Danke im Voraus,

13.09.2012 15:20:36

Re: to care less

by folletto
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Hi PM2,

“I could care less” is American English.

Sieh mal hier:



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Martin Kessel
16.09.2012 08:51:11

Re: to care less

by [PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey PM2,

If you ask me, the discussion at urban dictionary concerning "could care less" is way more on target than the info on the topic at wiseGEEK. And FYI: I belong to the crowd that believes that "I could care less" is a mistake and that what is really meant is "I couldn't care less." I especially like #4. :lol:


For an example of "I could care less":


For an example of "I couldn't care less":


Does anyone else out there care to share their thoughts? :idea:


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