What's the German translation of a word or phrase? Is my translation correct? Please give as much context as possible ...
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11.12.2011 14:14:32


by Anna-Lu
Improved aerofoil shapes, variable chord distributions and variable twist distributions, such that the overall performance of SWT can be improved significantly;

What does "variable twist distributions" mean in this context? The text is about small scale wind turbines and the future trends concerning blades and rotor.

Was bedeutet "variable twist distributions" in diesem Kontext? Es geht um kleine Windgeneratoren und die Zukunftstrends bezüglich Rotor und Flügeln.
15.12.2011 15:41:02

Re: twist

by fredbär
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Hi Anna-Lu,

The angle (or pitch) of a rotor blade varies along its length (from hub to tip), i.e. it twists.

This can mean that the angle varies linearly, e.g. the rate of change is 0.1 degrees/cm along the whole length. Thus the degree of twist would be described using a single value (0.1, 100%).

The performance of a rotor blade, and hence a wind turbine, can be improved by varying the rate of change of this angle. So, e.g. it is 0.1 degrees/cm over part of the blade’s length (say 80%), but 0.05 (15%), and 0.15 (5%) over other parts of the length. Thus the twist would need a set of numbers to describe it; the twist distribution, [(0.05, 15%), (0.1, 80%, 0.15, 5%)].

I’m not sure that’s a very clear explanation, but I hope it helps.

These links might be useful;


I'm afraid I have no idea how to describe this in German :(



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