Searching the Online Dictionary

  1. German Umlauts (ä, ö, ü) and other diacritics such as é, à, ã, û, etc.can be entered as a, o, u or e, a, u respectively. If the Online Dictionary cannot find an exact match it will display a word spelled similarly, e.g. Mowe —> Möwe.
  2. You can also search directly for typical word combinations (e.g. to meet a deadline), entire phrases (e.g. windows of the soul), and idiomatic expressions (e.g. to give sb the bird).
  3. A search for words spelled according to the former German spelling rules will find entries written according to the new spelling rules.
  4. A search for an inflected headword will display the entry in its uninflected form.
  5. Words with the same spelling and different parts of speech (noun, verb, etc.) are listed under individual categories marked with Roman numerals as in the printed dictionary.
  6. Words with more than one meaning are listed under categories marked with Arabic numerals.
  7. When a word is spelled identically in both languages, results will be displayed in both languages, e.g. Bank (match in German-English), bank (match in English-German). Click on the link Go to … to switch back and forth between language combinations.

Words in Bold Type

A word in bold type on the results page is the word searched for; it is listed in both its uninflected and inflected forms. Translations also appear in bold type.

Light Grey Words in Italics

These items provide additional information about grammar, stylistic or regional usage, morphology or syntax. Hold the mouse pointer on an abbreviation to display its full form.

Switching to another Dictionary

From the homepage, select your languages from the lists on the left- and right-hand side. Alternatively, click on “Switch Dictionary” under “Menu”.


Common abbreviations such as sb for somebody and sth for something, jd for jemand and etw for etwas are used in the entries. Holding the mouse pointer over abbreviations, phonetic symbols, etc will display a small info box with an explanation.

Criticism, Comments and Suggestions

Would you like to send us your criticism, comments or suggestions? We are glad to hear from you. Just use one of the links listed under Contact. We would like to thank you in advance for your valuable feedback.

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