At our Online-Dictionary there are many ways in which you can interact with other users: exchange private messages, follow users who compile dictionary entries that interest you, or share Vocabulary Trainer Lessons with your classmates or friends.

The button “Inbox” can be found at the top left of your Contact Card. To get to your Contact Card, log in, then click your name at the top, right next to the Facebook and Twitter icons. By clicking on the author name in a particular OpenDict entry you can view somebody else’s Contact Card. There, you can click the button “Follow” to create a link from your Contact Card to the other user’s Contact Card.

On your own Contact Card, you can present yourself to other users by filling out your profile. Here, a list of your OpenDict entries can also be viewed. To compile an entry, click the button “Create new entry” at the bottom left of every results page. An entry template appears to assist you (here is an example for English-German). For more information about compiling entries, see OpenDict.

If you want to write us an e-mail, click on Contact and then select the appropriate E-Mail Address. If you wish to send us feedback about a particular entry, simply click the “i” at the top right of the entry, then on the envelope icon. We can send you a reply if you are logged on. If you are not logged on, please make sure to key your e-mail address into the appropriate space on the feedback form. With our Vocabulary Trainer you can create customized vocabulary lists to which you can add usage examples, then practise them. You can even share your lists with your friends or classmates.

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