As described above there are several ways in which you can participate in our Online Dictionary: compiling entries, writing posts in our forums, using our vocabulary trainer or sending feedback to PONS.

For each activity we award you credit points, the so-called CreditPONS. Users who gather a particularly high number of CreditPONS are eligible for special mention and gift prizes. CreditPONS are awarded on the following basis:


  • per OpenDict-entry: 10 creditPONS
  • per feedback message: 4 creditPONS

Vocabulary Trainer

  • per completed exercise: 5 creditPONS


  • private message: max. 2 creditPONS / Tag
  • per follower: 2 creditPONS
  • for completion of your contact card: 2 creditPONS für 50%, 3 creditPONS für 75% und 3 creditPONS für 100%

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