Entering Further Details

Click the button Further Details to add important further specifications to your entry:

  • Sense: many words have more than one meaning, e.g. rich - wealthy as opposed to rich - of food. So, in this field it is useful to specify which sense of the word you are translating. This way, all users will be able to decide which context to use your translation in: wealthy would be reich in German, while of food would be gehaltvoll.
  • Grammar: The dropdown menu contains a list of grammatical information pertaining to the part of speech and the language that you clicked. For German, Romance and Slavic languages this will be, e.g. the gender of a noun. For verbs it is possible to specify whether the verb is transitive, intransitive or reflexive.
  • Field of specialization: Here you can select a field of specialization to which your entry belongs, e.g. to like sth (internet). This helps to distinguish the special sense as used in social media (German liken) from the general sense enjoy (German mögen). If the field label you need does not appear in the list, you can enter your own field label by clicking Other at the bottom of the list.
  • Region: Here you can click on a label to indicate usage in a particular country or region, e.g. doozy (American), or Alsterwasser (Northern German).
  • Style: Here you can select a stylistic or usage label from the dropdown menu to show that your item does not belong to standard usage, e.g. doozy ( informal).
  • Category: If you want to further classify your entry, you can choose a label from the “Category” drop-down menu: Abbreviation (e.g. etc. for et cetera), Clipping (e.g. uni for university, Collocation (e.g. to set the table), Idiom (e.g. to have a bone to pick with sb), Proverb (e.g. the early bird gets the worm).

It is possible to use a combination of these labels, e.g. doozy ( American, informal). You can also add more than one label from a particular category, e.g. dresser in the sense chest of drawers (American and Canadian). To do so, simply click the green + sign to the lower left of the entry field and then select the additional label.

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Last update on 05.10.2017.

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