What is the PONS Open Dictionary and what is it for?

We at PONS have a passion for languages. Our lexicographers are language professionals from all over the world who have been using their linguistic, translation and lexicographic expertise to compile reliable PONS dictionaries for the past 35 years or so. These dictionaries – along with a number of other language services – are now at the disposal of our Community totally free of charge. But that’s not all. As a member of the PONS Community you can contribute your own linguistic discoveries to our dictionaries. Whether you are a language professional or a language aficionado, why not share your linguistic knowledge with the entire Community in PONS’s OpenDict? Have you encountered a word or meaning which is not yet recorded at PONS? Are you able to find and check its translation, e.g. because you are a native speaker of the target language, or by consulting native speakers in your environment, or through your work in the field of translation? Then we cordially invite you to compile an OpenDict-entry. New entries can be missing words, missing phrases or even a sense of an existing word which has not yet been translated. Feel free to fill out the OpenDict entry template intuitively. Alternatively, you can refer to the following detailed instructions.

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Last update on 05.10.2017.

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