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I.away [Brit əˈweɪ, Am əˈweɪ] ADJ Away often appears in English as the second element of a verb ( run away, put away, get away, look away, give away etc.). For translations, look at the appropriate verb entry ( run, put, get, look, give etc.).
away often appears after a verb in English to show that an action is continuous or intense. If away does not change the basic meaning of the verb only the verb is translated: he was snoring away = il ronflait. If away does change the basic meaning of the verb ( he's grinding away at his maths), consult the appropriate verb entry.
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II.away [Brit əˈweɪ, Am əˈweɪ] ADV

1. away (not present, gone):

See also walk, stay, run, put, practice run, look, keep, give, get, far, fairy, drive

I.walk [Brit wɔːk, Am wɔk] NOUN à pied is often omitted with movement verbs if we already know that the person is on foot. If it is surprising or ambiguous, à pied should be included.

1. walk:

II.walk [Brit wɔːk, Am wɔk] VERB trans

1. walk:

III.walk [Brit wɔːk, Am wɔk] VERB intr

1. walk:

IV.walk [Brit wɔːk, Am wɔk]

I.stay [Brit steɪ, Am steɪ] NOUN

III.stay [Brit steɪ, Am steɪ] VERB trans

IV.stay [Brit steɪ, Am steɪ] VERB intr

1. stay (remain): [Brit rʌn, Am rən] NOUN

1. run (act or period of running):

8. run (trip, route): <prét ran, part passé run> [Brit rʌn, Am rən] VERB trans

5. run (operate): <prét ran, part passé run> [Brit rʌn, Am rən] VERB intr

1. run (move quickly):

2. run (flee):

7. run (pass):

8. run (move):

10. run (flow):

I.put [Brit pʊt, Am pʊt] NOUN

put FIN → put option

II.put <part prés putting, prét, part passé put> [Brit pʊt, Am pʊt] VERB trans

1. put (place):

2. put (cause to go or undergo):

6. put (express):

8. put (rate, rank): put oneself in VERB refl

I.look [Brit lʊk, Am lʊk] NOUN

1. look (glance):