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Translations for mark in the English»French Dictionary

I.mark [Brit mɑːk, Am mɑrk] NOUN

6. mark SPORT (starting line):

II.mark [Brit mɑːk, Am mɑrk] VERB trans

III.mark [Brit mɑːk, Am mɑrk] VERB intr

V.mark [Brit mɑːk, Am mɑrk]

See also top, full [Brit tɒp, Am tɑp] NOUN

1. top (highest or furthest part): [Brit tɒp, Am tɑp] ADJ

1. top (highest):

to get top marks SCHOOL <part prés topping; prét, part passé topped> [Brit tɒp, Am tɑp] VERB trans

il pousse! inf
to be the tops inf, dated
MILIT to go over the top

I.full [Brit fʊl, Am fʊl] ADJ

1. full (completely filled):

plein à craquer inf

4. full (complete):


II.full [Brit fʊl, Am fʊl] ADV

mark reading, mark scanning NOUN INFOR

mark in the PONS Dictionary

Translations for mark in the English»French Dictionary

mark1 [mɑ:k, Am mɑ:rk] NOUN (currency)

I.mark2 [mɑ:k, Am mɑ:rk] NOUN

III.mark2 [mɑ:k, Am mɑ:rk] VERB intr (stain)

mark Examples from the PONS Dictionary (editorially verified)

taper à côté inf
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