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Translations for worst in the English»French Dictionary

I.worst [Brit wəːst, Am wərst] NOUN

1. worst (most difficult, unpleasant):

2. worst (expressing the most pessimistic outlook):

3. worst (most unbearable):

5. worst (of the lowest standard, quality):

II.worst [Brit wəːst, Am wərst] ADJ superlative of bad

1. worst (most unsatisfactory, unpleasant):

3. worst (most inappropriate):

III.worst [Brit wəːst, Am wərst] ADV

IV.worst [Brit wəːst, Am wərst] VERB trans form

See also bad

I.bad [Brit bad, Am bæd] NOUN

II.bad <comp worse, superl worst> [Brit bad, Am bæd] ADJ

1. bad (poor, inferior, incompetent, unacceptable):

2. bad (unpleasant, unfavourable, negative):

3. bad (morally or socially unacceptable):

6. bad (inappropriate, unsuitable):

7. bad (ill, with a weakness or injury):

III.bad [Brit bad, Am bæd] ADV inf esp Am

I.ill [Brit ɪl, Am ɪl] NOUN

II.ill [Brit ɪl, Am ɪl] ADJ

III.ill [Brit ɪl, Am ɪl] ADV form

ill-favoured Brit, ill-favored Am ADJ

worst in the PONS Dictionary

Translations for worst in the English»French Dictionary

I.worst [wɜ:st, Am wɜ:rst] ADJ

II.worst [wɜ:st, Am wɜ:rst] ADV

III.worst [wɜ:st, Am wɜ:rst] NOUN no pl

See also badly, bad

badly <worse, worst> [ˈbædli] ADV

I.bad <worse, worst> [bæd] ADJ

1. bad (opp: good):

II.bad <worse, worst> [bæd] ADV inf

III.bad <worse, worst> [bæd] NOUN no pl

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