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I . right [raɪt] ADJ

10. right inv (conservative):

rechte(r, s)

11. right attr, inv esp Brit fam (complete):

völlige(r, s)
totale(r, s) fam

12. right inv Brit fam (foolish):

ein Dummkopf m fam

II . right [raɪt] ADV inv

5. right inv (morally good):

III . right [raɪt] NOUN

6. right no pl (turn):

to make [or take] [or Am fam hang] a right

8. right:

Rechte f

V . right [raɪt] INTERJ

2. right Brit fam (agreed):

wohl [o. nur zu] wahr!

4. right fam (as introduction):

5. right fam Aus (reassuring):

II . all right INTERJ

1. all right (in agreement):


2. all right approv sl (in approval):

3. all right Brit fam (greeting):

min·er's ˈright NOUN Aus

ˈmin·ing right NOUN MIN

out·side ˈright NOUN

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