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I . see1 <saw, seen> [si:] VERB trans

18. see (in poker):

II . see1 <saw, seen> [si:] VERB intr

Holy ˈSee NOUN

ˈlook-see NOUN fam

must-ˈsee ADJ

must-see TV, film:

see into VERB intr

1. see into (look into):

3. see into (investigate):

4. see into (interpret):

see off VERB trans

2. see off (drive away):

to see off sb
to see off sb

II . see out VERB intr

see round VERB intr Brit, Aus

sich akk umsehen [o. A a. umschauen]

I . see through VERB trans

1. see through (look through):

2. see through (not be deceived by):

II . see up VERB trans

wait-and-see attitude NOUN MKT-WB

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