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I . take [teɪk] NOUN

1. take no pl (money received):

2. take (filming of a scene):

Take m o nt fachspr


to be on the take Am fam
to be on the take Am fam

II . take <took, taken> [teɪk] VERB trans

13. take Brit (rent):

18. take (officiate at):

22. take (achieve):

28. take (for example):

take last week/me, ...

ˈpiss-take NOUN Brit fam!

I . take apart VERB trans

1. take apart (disassemble):

2. take apart fam (analyse critically):

I . take away VERB trans

1. take away (remove):

to take away sth

2. take away (deprive of):

to take away sth [from sb]

4. take away fig (have as a result):

to take away sth

7. take away Brit, Aus (buy to eat elsewhere):

8. take away (subtract from):

take down VERB trans

1. take down (write down):

to take down sth

3. take down (disassemble):

to take down a tent

4. take down (bring downstairs):

5. take down fam (demoralize):

7. take down Am STOCKEX:

to take down sth

take in VERB trans

1. take in (bring inside):

to take in sth

2. take in (accommodate):

to take in sb

3. take in (admit):

8. take in (evaluate):

to take in sb

9. take in (include):

to take in sth

13. take in FASHION:

to take in sth

I . take off VERB trans

6. take off Brit (imitate):

to take off sb

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