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I . two [tu:] ADJ

II . two [tu:] NOUN

2. two (cards):

Zwei f
Zweier m A, CH

See also eight

I . eight [eɪt] ADJ

II . eight [eɪt] NOUN

5. eight (public transport):

der Achter A, CH

two-up two-ˈdown NOUN Brit fam

one-ˈtwo NOUN

1. one-two (double hit):

one-two fig

2. one-two (in football):

ˈtwo-bit ADJ attr, inv Am pej fam

ˈtwo-faced ADJ pej

ˈtwo-fist·ed ADJ Am

ˈtwo-four [ˈtu:fɔ:r] NOUN Can fam

I . ˈtwo-hand·ed ADJ attr, inv

1. two-handed (needing two hands):

two-handed backhand TENNIS, SPORTS

2. two-handed (ambidextrous):

II . ˈtwo-hand·ed ADV

two-ˈhand·er NOUN Brit THEAT

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