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transatlantic [Brit ˌtranzatˈlantɪk, ˌtrɑːnzatˈlantɪk, ˌtransatˈlantɪk, ˌtrɑːnsatˈlantɪk, Am ˌtrænsətˈlæn(t)ɪk, ˌtrænzətˈlæn(t)ɪk] ADJ

I.beyond [bɪˈjɒnd] PREP Beyond is often used with a noun to produce expressions like beyond doubt, beyond a joke, beyond the grasp of, beyond the bounds of etc. For translations of these and similar expressions where beyond means outside the range of, consult the appropriate noun entry ( doubt, joke, grasp, bound, etc.). See also I. 3. below.

See also joke, grasp, doubt, bound

I.joke [Brit dʒəʊk, Am dʒoʊk] NOUN

2. joke (laughing matter):

II.joke [Brit dʒəʊk, Am dʒoʊk] VERB intr

I.grasp [Brit ɡrɑːsp, Am ɡræsp] NOUN

II.grasp [Brit ɡrɑːsp, Am ɡræsp] VERB trans

I.doubt [Brit daʊt, Am daʊt] NOUN

II.doubt [Brit daʊt, Am daʊt] VERB trans

III.doubt [Brit daʊt, Am daʊt] VERB intr

I.bound [Brit baʊnd, Am baʊnd] VERB pt VERB pp

bound → bind

II.bound [Brit baʊnd, Am baʊnd] NOUN

bound npl lit, fig:

to be out of bounds MILIT, SCHOOL place:
to be out of bounds SPORT

IV.bound [Brit baʊnd, Am baʊnd] ADJ

V.bound [Brit baʊnd, Am baʊnd] VERB trans (border)

VI.bound [Brit baʊnd, Am baʊnd] VERB intr

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Translations for d'outre-atlantique in the French»English Dictionary (Go to English»French)

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Translations for d'outre-atlantique in the French»English Dictionary

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