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lane [Brit leɪn, Am leɪn] NOUN [Brit hɪə, Am hɪr] ADV When here is used to indicate the location of an object/point etc close to the speaker, it is generally translated by ici: come and sit here = viens t'asseoir ici.
When the location is not so clearly defined, is the usual translation: he's not here at the moment = il n'est pas là pour l'instant.
Remember that voici is used to translate here is when the speaker is drawing attention to an object/a place/a person etc physically close to him or her.
For examples and particular usages, see entry below.

1. here (indicating place):

2. here (to draw attention):

3. here (indicating presence, arrival): [Brit hɪə, Am hɪr] INTERJ inf [Brit hɪə, Am hɪr]

See also here and now

I.there [Brit ðɛː, ðə, Am ðɛr] PRON (as impersonal subject) There is generally translated by after prepositions: near there = près de là etc and when emphasizing the location of an object/point etc visible to the speaker: put them there = mettez-les là.
Remember that voilà is used to draw attention to a visible place/object/person: there's my watch = voilà ma montre, whereas il y a is used for generalizations: there's a village nearby = il y a un village tout près.
there when unstressed with verbs such as aller and être is translated by y: we went there last year = nous y sommes allés l'année dernière, but not where emphasis is made: it was there that we went last year = c'est là que nous sommes allés l'année dernière.
For examples of the above and further uses of there see the entry below.

II.there [Brit ðɛː, ðə, Am ðɛr] ADV

2. there (at or to that place):

3. there (to draw attention):

IV.there again ADV (on the other hand)

V.there [Brit ðɛː, ðə, Am ðɛr] INTERJ

See also so [Brit səʊ, Am soʊ] ADV

1. so (so very):

4. so (in such a way):

10. so (avoiding repetition):

so inf → long

I.line [Brit lʌɪn, Am laɪn] NOUN

1. line:

2. line (row):

10. line TEL (connection):

12. line (in genealogy):

13. line (of text):

14. line (conformity):

16. line (stance):

III.line [Brit lʌɪn, Am laɪn] VERB trans

IV.line [Brit lʌɪn, Am laɪn]

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rang [ʀɑ̃] NOUN m

2. rang MILIT:

5. rang (dans une hiérarchie):

ligne [liɲ] NOUN f

1. ligne (trait):