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PONS is one of the leading language publishers in Germany. We have been developing high standard green dictionaries and language learning materials for people who learn and use languages since 1978. The name PONS – Latin for bridges – stands for what we have been doing for centuries: connecting people through languages! We help our users to successfully bridge the gap to other countries and cultures with our digital and print products.


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Our history

From the first printed dictionary to online translations, from the west of Stuttgart to China, Brazil and India, from the first language learning material to 2.2 million sold copies of “at a glance”: PONS has achieved a lot over the years. This defines what we are. The PONS picture dictionary alone, from the revolutionary visual series, has been translated into 43 languages, including exotic languages such as Khmer, Dhivehi, Dzongkha, with the help of our international licensing partners. But where did the idea for the first dictionary come from? And how has PONS established itself both digitally and internationally? Come with us on a brief journey through the PONS history!


First English Dictionary published under the name Klett in Stuttgart.


Birth of the name PONS from an idea by Michael Klett. In the same year English and French dictionaries were published by Klett with the new name.


The first PONS license agreement is made with the American publishing house McGraw-Hill Companies for the PONS Taschenwörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch (PONS pocket dictionary German-English).


The language learning products „Super Plus“, that were first published under the name Klett, are now green! The Sprachenlernen (language learning) programme is systematically increased under the name PONS from 1995.


Birth of the Bestseller PONS Schülerwörterbuch (PONS student dictionary). This dictionary, that was specially developed for schools, has accompanied millions of students through their complete schooltime since its first publication.


The first digital PONS product goes on the market – the electronic pocket translator by Franklin.


Our first online dictionary PONSline goes live! PONS is the first publisher of dictionaries and language learning material to offer a free advert-free reference service at www.pons.de.


The first PONS online vocabulary trainer starts. It is also the first online vocabulary trainer in which words that have been looked up can be collected and practised.


The product series “auf einen Blick” (at a glance) starts: Who doesn’t know them? The laminated foldable A4 cards in the renowned turning stands. An amazing success, over 2.2 million have been sold to date.


Our free online dictionary goes live! With the PONS online dictionary, translations in 22 languages are now available at www.pons.com.


The “Sprachenlernen mal anders” (language learning with a difference) programme starts. PONS opens a new fun way to language learning with easy, unconventional formats such as Speak easy or INSTANT.


The “Visuelles Lernen” (visual learning) programme starts. To help those learners who are visual learners, successful picture dictionaries and grammar in pictures are now available.


Go-live of the translator app with translations of complete texts and camera translator. Whether a menu or user instructions – just take a photo of it and it can be translated!

The recognition value of our green

For years our PONS green with the blue-spotted PONS logo has stood for clarity, freshness and openness; that is how we want to bring languages closer to our users. Learning languages creatively, just understand and speak; that is how we ensure close to life access to languages! PONS language materials also accompany learners to China or Romania with numerous dictionaries, language courses, vocabulary, reading material etc. in over 30 languages for every situation. And because everyone learns differently PONS has everything, from traditional dictionaries and grammar, audio and software language courses to our digital range such as free online dictionaries, vocabulary trainer and our apps.

Get in contact with us

Do you have any questions about PONS or our products? Do you want to praise or criticize us? You can find answers to lots of questions that our users send us daily on our FAQ page. Do you have technical problems at www.pons.com? One of our digital products doesn’t work? Check out PONS Help to see if there is already a solution to your problem.


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