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PONS is one of Germany’s leading language publishers. We began developing our brand’s high-quality, characteristic green dictionaries and language-learning materials for learners and users of foreign languages in 1978. PONS publishing is based in Stuttgart where some 80 employees from 10 nations collaborate with authors the world over.  PONS GmbH is part of the Stuttgart-based Klett Group.


The PONS Story - From 1978 to the Present Day

Our very first English dictionary was published in Stuttgart under the Klett imprint in 1948. A French dictionary followed suit in 1960. Named from an idea by Publisher, Michael Klett, the PONS imprint was born in 1978. That same year the first PONS Dictionaries for English and French were published. Ever since, PONS titles have been characterized by their typical logo of blue dots on a green background. From 1980 onwards, language courses, grammar books, and other language-learning materials were added to the dictionary publishing range.


PONS Publishing in Stuttgart

For use at school, at work,  during travel, or just in your spare time - PONS has the right product for you. Our portfolio consists of traditional books and language courses for 32 different languages from Arabic to Turkish, over 400 language apps, and the free Online Dictionary for 22 languages at www.pons.com.


Digital Pioneer: The PONS Online Dictionary

Our first PONS bilingual Online Dictionary went live in 2001. It covered only five language pairs: German-English, -French, -Italian, -Polish and -Spanish, each with 120,000 headwords and phrases. Today, our free PONS Online Dictionary has over 44 dictionaries in 22 languages and a database consisting of 16 million words and phrases. In addition to the bilingual online dictionaries, PONS also has a „Dictionary of German Spelling“ and - unique in the online dictionary sector - the „German Learner’s Dictionary“. Extensive features such as example sentences , specialized vocabulary, verb tables, audio pronunciations, the PONS vocabulary trainer or a machine translation service round out this comprehensive language resource available at www.pons.com.


Over 80 Million Users Worldwide

In 2016, some 80 million users translated over 2 billion words in the PONS Online Dictionary. Over half of these searches took place via the online dictionary’s mobile applications. Our PONS online service is amongst the 50 most visited websites in Germany.* The free accompanying app „PONS Online Translator“ has had over 4 million downloads and has received the best dictionary app of the year award on numerous occasions.**


The PONS Open Dictionary

Everybody can contribute to the PONS Online Dictionary: In the Open Dictionary, or OpenDict for short, every PONS user can contribute user entries. Our native-speaker lexicographers edit the entries and publish them in the PONS Online Dictionary. In this way, thousands of new entries are added to our online dictionary each year. Follow this link to see a short description (in German) of the PONS Online Dictionary.


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*As measured in January 2017 by the Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern (IVW) - German Audit Bureau of Circulation, member of the IFABC (rank 40 for PIs, rank 42 for visits)

** Awarded by the Android Magazin (www.androidmag.de) 2013 - 2019


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