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Here you can see all the questions and answers that our users – and possibly also you yourself – have asked (and had answered) about the products and services on pons.com.  Not found what you are looking for? No problem! Just get in touch directly with our online department at info@pons.com. Your questions will be answered directly. If you have any questions about specific products, please contact our customer service department at kundenservice@pons.de.


When you get in touch with us about a technical problem, please include the following information:

  • Which device has the problem (mobile, desktop, …)?
  • With which operating system / browser did the problem occur (Android, IOS, Firefox, Chrome, ...)?
  • Which product were you using when the problem occurred (Which app exactly? Which language?)
  • A screenshot showing the problem is always useful.

How can I set up an account on pons.com?

On our website http://pons.com click on My PONS, top right in the navigation line, there is a link „Sign up at PONS“ on the page that appears. When you click on this link you will be transferred to a page where you can enter your registration information and set up an account. You will be sent an automatically generated confirmation email to the email address you have given. Your account is activated after clicking on the confirmation link. Now you can order items in the shop, activate online products with bought codes, manage your dictionary entries and lots more.

Why haven’t I received an activation email?

You have set up an account on pons.com, but haven’t received an activation mail? Normally it only takes a few moments for you to receive an email. If there is no email in your in-box, please check the spam-folder. If the email has arrived there by accident, activate your account from there. If there is no email in the spam-folder, please contact info@pons.com .

What can I do if I forget my password?

Please select the Login page in the header navigation of pons.com if you forget your password. There is a link ‚Forgotten your password?’ on this page. When you tap on this link you will automatically be taken to a page where you can request a new password when you enter your email address. If you have forgotten which email address you used for your registration, our support at info@pons.com can help you further.

How can I change my password?

Unfortunately, the password for your PONS account cannot be changed in the app, only on the website http://pons.com. Click top right on My PONS or on your username, it appears as soon as you have logged in. You can change your login details under "My account".

How can I delete my pons.com account?

If you want to delete your user account at http://pons.com and the data included in it, just click top right on My PONS or on your username, it appears as soon as you have logged in. You can delete your account at the bottom of the page under "My account".

How can I turn off the ‘Feedback’ pop-up window?

If the pop-up window asking you for feedback about our online translator, is annoying, you can turn it off very easily: under the buttons ‚maybe later’ and ‚rate‘, there is a link called ‚don’t ask again‘. When you tap on this link the pop-up window will be turned off.

Why do I get a virus warning when I use the dictionary?

Sometimes virus warnings appear on our pages. Don’t tap on these messages but report them immediately to info@pons.com. We can only react if you tell us which operating system, browser, country domain and on which device the warning has appeared. Ideally send us a screenshot of the page the virus warning has appeared on. Then the marketer of our ads can check where such content comes from.

How can I deactivate my adblocker?

The PONS Online Dictionary is a product with editorial content that has been compiled by numerous colleagues. The PONS Online Dictionary is available on www.pons.com unrestricted and free of charge so that you can immediately get the correct translation for your search in whichever situation you find yourself. This can be done without registering or having data limits but still with the familiar PONS quality.

To do this we are partly financed through ads that appear on our website. We ensure that the ads aren’t pushy and refrain completely from using annoying pop-ups. We therefore ask you to deactivate your adblocker when using www.pons.com. This can be easily done, and you help us to continue offering this service free of charge. We thank you for your understanding!

  • Open the adblocker window by tap on the small symbol in your browser
  • Tap on the small green tick or on the button ‚deactivate: on de.pons.com’. This deactivates the adblocker for pons.com
  • Update the website and restart the PONS Online Dictionary

I use the adblocker ‘AdBlock Plus’

Tap on the red ‘ABP’ symbol on the right of the address line in your browser. Tap on the button ‚on this page activated’. The ‘ABP’ symbol is now grey, the setting of the adblocker has changed to ‘on this page deactivated’ (red cross instead of a green tick). Reload www.pons.com

I use the adblocker ‘Adblock’

Tap on the red symbol with the white hand on the right of the address line in your browser. Tap on ‘deactivate Adblock on pages in this domain’. Confirm this setting via ‘add exception’. A green symbol with a white thumb (instead of a red symbol with a white hand) appears on the right of the address line in your browser. Reload www.pons.com

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