We provide our content for translation and adaptation worldwide. When you enter into license agreements with us, we will provide you with the necessary data to process the title for your markets.



We print your country-specific editions according to your requirements, also in the co-print process if possible.

Customized Products

We use our resources to create products for your customers and markets, according to your specifications.

Digital Components

Our content is also available for digital products and on digital platforms.

The PONS online dictionary can be integrated ad-free into your applications via the PONS API and provided with in-house terminology - all with the look and feel of your application.

Our Catalogues


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PONS Update

PONS Neue Lizenztitel Katalog

Klett Lerntraining

Klett Lerntraining Rechte Katalog

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Katalog maßgeschneiderte Produkte

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