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Student is learning with her mother on a tablet with the Vocabulary Trainer App

Pedagogical concept of the PONS Vocabulary Trainer

The Vocabulary Trainer collects words you have searched in the PONS Online Dictionaries. Depending on your individual learning-level, you practise the specific words that are least familiar to you. The result is automatically checked – cheating is (practically) impossible! The five steps of our training system are based on the same system using a vocabulary card index box. The requirements increase step by step. You can also train with classical vocabulary cards and check what you know yourself instead of using the five training steps – also in printed format!

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Learning with a group is more fun!

You can also share units with a group of learners in the PONS Vocabulary Trainer – very useful for teachers and classes. This is how learn teams start. Either all group members have the same rights or a group is started and supervised by a group leader. You can give others permission to see your units or select who sees what!

Use on several devices

Your words and learning-level are available everywhere all the time, on PC or mobile devices, with the PONS Vocabulary Cloud. PONS automatically does a back-up of your words, units and learning-level every day. That way you don’t lose anything! The PONS Vocabulary Trainer is also available as award-winning app.


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