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Pedagogical concept of the PONS Vocabulary Trainer

The vocabulary trainer for all occasions: It collects the words that you have looked up in the PONS online dictioniaries or it helps you to learn your school book vocabulary. There are three modules PRACTICE - REPEAT - CHECK that help you learn the words and remember them for longer. Our 7-stage plan repeatedly checks if you know the words using a larger time gap each time. Your answers are checked automatically - cheating is more or less impossible.

Learning with a group is more fun!

You can also share units with a group of learners in the PONS Vocabulary Trainer – very useful for teachers and classes.

Use on several devices

Your words and learning-level are available everywhere all the time, on PC or mobile devices, with the PONS Vocabulary Cloud. PONS automatically does a back-up of your words, units and learning-level every day. That way you don’t lose anything! The PONS Vocabulary Trainer is also available as award-winning app.


Try the demo version here and discover our 7-stage training!

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