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hǎo cf. hào

4. 好 (used to express greetings):

How do you do? [or Hi!]

5. 好 (used after a verb to mean the completion of an action):

6. 好 (used to express agreement):

8. 好 (used before numerals to mean a large number):

9. 好 (used before adjectives to indicate the degree of intensity):


10. 好 (used before adjectives to mean “how” or “to what extent”):


好比 hǎo­bǐ

好不 hǎo­bù

好多 hǎo­duō

好话 hǎo­huà

1. 好话:

2. 好话:


好久 hǎo­jiǔ

好事 hǎo­shì cf. hàoshì

3. 好事:

好听 hǎo­tīng

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