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of [əv, stressed: ɒv] PREP

1. of:


3. of (done by):

4. of (representing):


7. of (away from):

8. of (temporal):

il 4 (di) maggio

9. of (to):

15. of (to amount of):

ahead of PREP

1. ahead of (in front of):

3. ahead of (more advanced than):

4. ahead of (informed about):

deliver of VERB trans

divest of VERB trans fig

smack of VERB intr

think of VERB intr

undreamed-of [ʌn·ˈdri:md·ˌɑ:v] ADJ, undreamt-of [ʌn·ˈdremt·ˌɑ:v] ADJ

unheard-of [ʌn·ˈhɜ:rd·ˌɑ:v] ADJ

1. unheard-of (unknown):

2. unheard-of (unparalleled):

inaudito, -a

unthought-of [ʌn·ˈθɑ:t·ɑ:v] ADJ

Age of Aquarius NOUN

back out of VERB trans

balance of trade NOUN

Bay of Biscay NOUN

bicarbonate of soda NOUN

breach of promise NOUN

breach of the peace NOUN

coat of arms <coats of arms> NOUN

code of conduct NOUN

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