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of [Brit ɒv, (ə)v, Am əv] PREP

See also old, late

I.old [Brit əʊld, Am oʊld] NOUN The irregular form vieil of the adjective vieux/vieille is used before masculine nouns beginning with a vowel or a mute ‘h’.

III.old [Brit əʊld, Am oʊld] ADJ

1. old (elderly, not young):

2. old (of a particular age):

5. old (as term of affection):

I.late [Brit leɪt, Am leɪt] ADJ

1. late (after expected time):

2. late (towards end of day, season, life etc):

3. late (towards end of series):

II.late [Brit leɪt, Am leɪt] ADV

2. late (towards end of time period):

I.dispose of VERB [Brit dɪˈspəʊz -, Am dəˈspoʊz -] (dispose of [sth/sb])

I.hear of VERB [Brit hɪə -, Am hɪr -] (hear of [sb/sth])

I.allow of VERB [Brit əˈlaʊ -, Am əˈlaʊ -] form (allow of [sth])

unheard-of [Brit ʌnˈhəːdɒv] ADJ

undreamed-of [Brit ˌʌnˈdriːmdɒv] ADJ (gen)

unthought-of [Brit ʌnˈθɔːtɒv] ADJ

centre of gravity Brit, center of gravity Am, cg NOUN

court of honour Brit, court of honor Am NOUN

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Translations for of in the English»French Dictionary

of [əv, stressed: ɒv] PREP

1. of (belonging to):

5. of (among):

undreamed of [ʌnˈdri:mdɒv, Am -ɑ:v], undreamt of ADJ

unthought-of [ʌnˈθɔ:tɒv, Am -ˈθɑ:tɑ:v] ADJ

inside of → inside

See also inside

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