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Translations for no in the English»French Dictionary [Brit nəʊ, Am noʊ] INTERJ [Brit nəʊ, Am noʊ] DET

1. no (none, not any): [Brit nəʊ, Am noʊ] NOUN [Brit nəʊ, Am noʊ] ADV

1. no (not any):

See also Division

no-no [Brit, Am ˈnoʊ ˌnoʊ] NOUN inf

no-account [Am ˈnoʊəˌkaʊnt] NOUN ADJ inf

See also number

I.number [Brit ˈnʌmbə, Am ˈnəmbər] NOUN

2. number TEL:

3. number (amount, quantity):

IV.number [Brit ˈnʌmbə, Am ˈnəmbər] VERB trans

V.number [Brit ˈnʌmbə, Am ˈnəmbər] VERB intr

2. number → number off

VI.number [Brit ˈnʌmbə, Am ˈnəmbər]

no-one → nobody

See also nobody

I.nobody [Brit ˈnəʊbədi, Am ˈnoʊˌbɑdi, ˈnoʊˌbədi] PRON a. no-one When nobody is used as a pronoun it is almost always translated by personne.
When the pronoun nobody is the subject or object of a verb, the French requires ne before the verb (or auxiliary): nobody likes him = personne ne l'aime; I heard nobody = je n'ai entendu personne.
For examples and particular usages, see the entry below.

II.nobody [Brit ˈnəʊbədi, Am ˈnoʊˌbɑdi, ˈnoʊˌbədi] NOUN

III.nobody [Brit ˈnəʊbədi, Am ˈnoʊˌbɑdi, ˈnoʊˌbədi]

no-vote [Brit ˈnəʊvəʊt] NOUN

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1. no (not any): <-es [or -s]> [nəʊ, Am noʊ] NOUN [nəʊ, Am noʊ] INTERJ

no one [ˈnəʊwʌn, Am ˈnoʊ-] PRON

no one → nobody

See also nobody

See also number

I.number [ˈnʌmbəʳ, Am -bɚ] NOUN

II.number [ˈnʌmbəʳ, Am -bɚ] VERB trans

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