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Translations for off in the English»French Dictionary [Brit ɒf, Am ɔf, ɑf] NOUN inf (start) Off is often found as the second element in verb combinations ( fall off, run off etc.) and in offensive interjections ( clear off etc.). For translations consult the appropriate verb entry ( fall off, run off, clear off etc.).
off is used in certain expressions such as off limits, off piste etc. and translations for these will be found under the noun entry ( limit, piste etc.).
For other uses of off see the entry below. [Brit ɒf, Am ɔf, ɑf] ADV

1. off (leaving): [Brit ɒf, Am ɔf, ɑf] ADJ [Brit ɒf, Am ɔf, ɑf] PREP [Brit ɒf, Am ɔf, ɑf] INTERJ [Brit ɒf, Am ɔf, ɑf]

See also well off, street, run off, piste, on, limit, fall off, clear off, better off

I.well off [Brit wɛlˈɒf] NOUN + v pl

II.well off [Brit wɛlˈɒf] ADJ

I.street [Brit striːt, Am strit] NOUN

II.street [Brit striːt, Am strit] ADJ

III.street [Brit striːt, Am strit] off VERB [Brit rʌn -, Am rən -] (run off) off VERB [Brit rʌn -, Am rən -] (run off [sth], run [sth] off)

piste [Brit piːst, Am pist] NOUN

I.on [Brit ɒn, Am ɑn, ɔn] PREP When on is used as a straightforward preposition expressing position ( on the beach, on the table) it is generally translated by sur: sur la plage, sur la table; on it is translated by dessus: there's a table over there, put the key on it = il y a une table là-bas, mets la clé dessus.
on is often used in verb combinations in English ( depend on, rely on, cotton on etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( depend, rely, cotton on etc.).
If you have doubts about how to translate a phrase or expression beginning with on ( on demand, on impulse, on top etc.) consult the appropriate noun or other entry ( demand, impulse, top etc.).
This dictionary contains usage notes on such topics as dates, islands, rivers etc. Many of these use the preposition on. For the index to these notes .
For examples of the above and further uses of on, see the entry below.

1. on (position):

II.on [Brit ɒn, Am ɑn, ɔn] ADJ

1. on (taking place, happening):

2. on (being broadcast, performed, displayed):

III.on [Brit ɒn, Am ɑn, ɔn] ADV

IV.on [Brit ɒn, Am ɑn, ɔn] on and off, a. off and on ADV

VI.on [Brit ɒn, Am ɑn, ɔn]

on → get

I.limit [Brit ˈlɪmɪt, Am ˈlɪmɪt] NOUN

II.limit [Brit ˈlɪmɪt, Am ˈlɪmɪt] VERB trans (restrict)

III.limit [Brit ˈlɪmɪt, Am ˈlɪmɪt] VERB refl

fall off VERB [Brit fɔːl -, Am fɔl -]

I.clear off VERB [Brit klɪə -, Am ˈklɪr -] (clear off) inf Brit

II.clear off VERB [Brit klɪə -, Am ˈklɪr -] (clear off [sth]) Am

I.better off [Brit ˌbɛtər ˈɒf] NOUN

II.better off [Brit ˌbɛtər ˈɒf] ADJ

off-centre Brit, off-center Am ADJ

off colour Brit, off color Am ADJ inf

I.sweat off VERB [Brit swɛt -, Am swɛt -] (sweat [sth] off, sweat off [sth])

straggle off VERB [Brit ˈstraɡ(ə)l -, Am ˈstræɡəl -]

I.blow off VERB [Brit bləʊ -, Am bloʊ -] (blow off)

II.blow off VERB [Brit bləʊ -, Am bloʊ -] (blow [sth] off, blow off [sth])

I.stand off VERB [Brit stand -, Am stænd -] (stand off)

II.stand off VERB [Brit stand -, Am stænd -] (stand [sb] off) inf (stand off [sb]) inf (lay off)

I.strain off VERB [Brit streɪn -, Am streɪn -] (strain [sth] off, strain off [sth])

I.fend off VERB [Brit fɛnd -, Am fɛnd -] (fend off [sb/sth], fend [sb/sth] off)

off in the PONS Dictionary

Translations for off in the English»French Dictionary [ɒf, Am ɑ:f] ADJ inv [ɒf, Am ɑ:f] NOUN no pl Brit [ɒf, Am ɑ:f] VERB trans Am inf (kill)

off-center ADJ Am, off-centre ADJ

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