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I.way [Brit weɪ, Am weɪ] NOUN

1. way (route, road):

2. way (direction):

3. way (space in front, projected route):

4. way (distance):

5. way (manner of doing something):

6. way (respect, aspect):

7. way (custom, manner):

II.way [Brit weɪ, Am weɪ] ADV

Ways and Means Committee, Ways and Means NOUN POL

two-way [Brit tuːˈweɪ, Am ˈtu ˈˌweɪ] ADJ

under way [Brit ˌʌndə ˈweɪ, Am ˌəndərˈweɪ] ADJ

I.each-way [ˌiːtʃˈweɪ] ADJ HORSE

II.each-way [ˌiːtʃˈweɪ] ADV HORSE

give way VERB [Brit ɡɪv -, Am ɡɪv -]

I.one-way [Brit wʌnˈweɪ, Am ˈwən ˈˌweɪ] ADJ

II.one-way [Brit wʌnˈweɪ, Am ˈwən ˈˌweɪ] ADV

part way [Brit, Am ˈpɑrtˌweɪ, ˌpɑrtˈweɪ] ADV

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1. way (route, path):

5. way (distance):

6. way (manner):


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ways Glossary « Intégration et égalité des chances » courtesy of the French-German Youth Office

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