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I.where [Brit wɛː, Am (h)wɛr] PRON Where is generally translated by : where are the plates? = où sont les assiettes?; do you know where he's going? = est-ce que tu sais où il va?; I don't know where the knives are = je ne sais pas où sont les couteaux.
Note that in questions on its own requires inversion of the verb: where are you going? = où allez-vous? but followed by est-ce que needs no inversion: où est-ce que vous allez?

II.where [Brit wɛː, Am (h)wɛr] ADV

III.where [Brit wɛː, Am (h)wɛr] CONJ

where → whereas

See also whereas

I.when [Brit wɛn, Am (h)wɛn] PRON

II.when [Brit wɛn, Am (h)wɛn] ADV

III.when [Brit wɛn, Am (h)wɛn] CONJ

Translations for demande-lui in the French»English Dictionary (Go to English»French)

I.demander [dəmɑ̃de] VERB trans

1. demander (solliciter):

4. demander (interroger sur): demander VERB refl

See also reste

I.reste [ʀɛst] NOUN m

1. reste (ce qui subsiste):

le reste MAT

II.restes NOUN mpl

III.reste [ʀɛst]

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