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I.break <past broke, past part broken> [Am breɪk, Brit breɪk] VERB trans

1. break:

quebrar LatAm

3. break (violate):

esquirolear inf, pej
carnerear RíoPl inf, pej

II.break <past broke, past part broken> [Am breɪk, Brit breɪk] VERB intr

III.break [Am breɪk, Brit breɪk] NOUN

See also word, will2, will1, spirit, law, heart, free, even2, even1

I.word [Am wərd, Brit wəːd] NOUN

1. word C (term, expression):

vocablo m form
voz f form
mala palabra f esp LatAm
garabato m Chil
o sea

2. word C (thing said):

in word and deed liter
de palabra y obra liter
without a word of a lie Brit

3. word (assurance):

word no pl
(upon) my word! dated

4.1. word U (news, message):

se dice que

II.word [Am wərd, Brit wəːd] VERB trans

I.will2 [Am wɪl, Brit wɪl] NOUN

1.3. will U (desire, intention):

II.will2 <past & past part willed> [Am wɪl, Brit wɪl] VERB trans

will1 <past would> [Am wɪl, Brit wɪl] VERB modal 'll es la contracción de will de will not y 'll've 'll've de will have
When translating will into Spanish, the future tense is not always the first option. Ir +  a +  infinitive is common in Latin American countries. For examples, see the entry below.

1.1. will (talking about the future):

4.1. will (indicating habit, characteristic):

I.spirit [Am ˈspɪrɪt, Brit ˈspɪrɪt] NOUN

4.1. spirit (mental attitude, mood):

spirit no pl

5. spirit <spirits, pl > (emotional state):

II.spirit [Am ˈspɪrɪt, Brit ˈspɪrɪt] VERB trans

law [Am lɔ, Brit lɔː] NOUN

1.2. law U (collectively):

heart [Am hɑrt, Brit hɑːt] NOUN

1.2. heart (nature):

1.3. heart (inmost feelings):

2.1. heart (compassion):

have a heart! inf
have a heart! inf

2.2. heart (love, affection):

2.3. heart (enthusiasm, inclination):

3. heart (courage, morale):