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APL [apeɛl] NOUN f

GPL [ʒepeɛl] NOUN m abbr

plan-plan [plɑ̃plɑ̃] ADJ inv inf

I.plus1 [ply, plys, plyz] PREP A note on pronunciation:
plus/le plus used in comparison (meaning more/the most) is pronounced [ply] before a consonant and [plyz] before a vowel. It is pronounced [plys] when at the end of a clause. In the plus de and plus que structures both [ply] and [plys] are generally used.
plus used in ne plus (meaning no longer/not any more) is always pronounced [ply] except before a vowel, in which case it is pronounced [plyz]: il n'habite plus ici [plyzisi].

II.plus1 [ply, plys, plyz] ADV comp

1. plus (modifiant un verbe):

2. plus (modifiant un adjectif):

3. plus (modifiant un adverbe):

III.plus1 [ply, plys, plyz] ADV nég de DET indéf

1. plus (avec un nom dénombrable): plus ADV plus ADV

2. plus (en supplément):

VII.en plus

plus phrase:

I.plat (plate) [pla, plat] ADJ

II.plat NOUN m

III.plate NOUN f

IV.à plat ADV

1. plat (horizontalement):

V.plat (plate) [pla, plat]

VI.plat (plate) [pla, plat]

See also vengeance, couture

vengeance [vɑ̃ʒɑ̃s] NOUN f

I.couture [kutyʀ] ADJ inv

II.couture [kutyʀ] NOUN f

III.couture [kutyʀ]

I.plan (plane) [plɑ̃, plan] ADJ

II.plan NOUN m

7. plan (niveau):

8. plan (projet):

III.plan (plane) [plɑ̃, plan]

IV.plan (plane) [plɑ̃, plan]

See also gros, comète

I.gros (grosse) [ɡʀo, ɡʀos] ADJ attr

6. gros (fort):

II.gros (grosse) [ɡʀo, ɡʀos] NOUN m (f)

III.gros (grosse) [ɡʀo, ɡʀos] ADV

IV.gros NOUN m

V.en gros phrase

VI.grosse NOUN f

VII.gros (grosse) [ɡʀo, ɡʀos]

VIII.gros (grosse) [ɡʀo, ɡʀos]

comète [kɔmɛt] NOUN f

I.fair-play, fairplay [fɛʀplɛ] criticized ADJ inv

II.fair-play, fairplay [fɛʀplɛ] criticized NOUN m

accroche-plat <pl accroche-plat, accroche-plats> [akʀɔʃpla] NOUN m

plug-in <pl plug-in> [plœɡin] NOUN m

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