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ˈcharged-for ADJ attr

charged-for service, product:

emo·tion·al·ly ˈcharged ADJ

positively charged ADJ

charged to phrase ACCOUNT

Specialized Vocabulary

turbo charged FREIGHT

Specialized Vocabulary

I . charge [tʃɑ:ʤ, Am tʃɑ:rʤ] NOUN

2. charge LAW (accusation):

Anklage f wegen +gen

4. charge LAW (instructions from a judge):

7. charge FIN:

13. charge dated form (task):

14. charge (in heraldry):

Wappen[bild] nt

15. charge Am fam (kick):

Kick m fam

III . charge [tʃɑ:ʤ, Am tʃɑ:rʤ] VERB trans

3. charge ECON, FIN (take as guarantee):

7. charge MILIT (load):

9. charge (make an assertion):

to charge that ...

11. charge usu passive (in heraldry):

ˈba·ton charge NOUN Brit

ˈbayo·net charge NOUN

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