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II . for [fɔ:ʳ, fəʳ, Am fɔ:r, fɚ] PREP

angle for VERB intr to angle for sth

1. angle for old (fish):

2. angle for pej (be after):

auf etw akk aus sein

answer for VERB intr to answer for sb/sth

1. answer for (take responsibility):

2. answer for esp Brit approv (vouch for):

ˈcharged-for ADJ attr

charged-for service, product:

cover for VERB intr to cover for sb

1. cover for (do sb's job):

2. cover for (make excuses):

do for VERB intr

1. do for Brit fam (ruin):

fertig sein fam

2. do for Brit dated (clean):

fall for VERB trans fam

2. fall for (be deceived by):

auf etw akk hereinfallen fam

for-prof·it [fəˈprɒfɪt, Am fɚˈprɑ:-] ADJ attr


go for VERB intr

4. go for (attack):

[mit etw dat ] auf jdn losgehen fam

7. go for (believe):

longed-for [ˈlɒŋd-, Am ˈlɑ:ŋd-] ADJ attr

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