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I . put <-tt-, put, put> [pʊt] VERB trans

1. put (place):

to put the shot SPORTS

III . put <-tt-, put, put> [pʊt] NOUN STOCKEX


Specialized Vocabulary

I . put about VERB trans

3. put about Brit fam (be promiscuous):

4. put about fam (be extroverted):

II . put about VERB intr NAUT

put away VERB trans

2. put away (set aside):

3. put away (save):

4. put away fam (eat a lot):

to put away sth

6. put away Am fam (kill):

jdn umlegen fam

put behind VERB trans

1. put behind (put in the past):

I . put down VERB trans

1. put down (set down):

to put sth down

7. put down ECON (leave as deposit):

9. put down (deride):

11. put down (have killed):

II . put down VERB intr AVIAT

put forward VERB trans

2. put forward (make earlier):

to put sth forward to ...

3. put forward (set later):

put off VERB trans

5. put off Brit TRANSP (drop off):

6. put off ELEC (turn off):

to put off sth

put on VERB trans

8. put on (allow to speak on phone):

I . put out VERB trans

3. put out MEDIA (publish, circulate):

to put out sth

4. put out (produce):

to put out sth
to put out sth HORT (sprout) leaves, roots

5. put out (place ready):

8. put out (bother):

II . put out VERB intr

2. put out Am sl (agree to have sex):

put over VERB trans

1. put over (make understood):

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