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II . keep <kept, kept> [ki:p] VERB trans

2. keep (have in particular place):

etw [bereit] stehen haben [o. CH, A a. parat haben]

4. keep (run):

7. keep (prevent):

9. keep (care for):

III . keep <kept, kept> [ki:p] VERB intr


how are you keeping? Brit

II . keep down VERB trans

1. keep down (suppress):

to keep down sb/sth

2. keep down (not vomit):

etw akk bei sich dat behalten

II . keep on VERB trans

keep-ˈfit NOUN no pl

1. keep-fit Brit, Aus (exercising):

2. keep-fit Am (physical fitness):

keep in lane (sign)

Specialized Vocabulary

legal obligation to keep books of account NOUN ECOLAW

Specialized Vocabulary

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