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I . good <better, best> [gʊd] ADJ

9. good (appropriate):

16. good pred, inv GASTR (not rotten):


20. good Brit (said to accept order):

sehr wohl! veraltet

21. good (in exclamations):

good egg! Brit dated
iron oh, — good for you!
oh, schön für dich! iron

22. good attr, inv (said to express affection):

III . good [gʊd] NOUN no pl

good NOUN handel

Specialized Vocabulary

Good ˈBook NOUN no pl

Good ˈFri·day NOUN no art

good-ˈheart·ed ADJ

good-ˈhu·moured, good-ˈhu·mored Am [ˌgʊdˈhju:məd, Am -mɚd] ADJ

good-ˈlook·er NOUN dated

I . good-ˈlook·ing <more good-looking, most good-looking [or better-looking, best-looking]> ADJ

II . good-ˈlook·ing NOUN

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