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I . one [wʌn] ADJ inv

III . one [wʌn] PRON

1. one (single item):

eine(r, s)

2. one (single person):

to be [a] one for sth fam
to be [a] one for sth fam
sich dat viel aus etw dat machen
to not be [a] one fam for sth [or to not be much of a one ] fam
to not be [a] one fam for sth [or to not be much of a one ] fam
to [not] be [a] one for doing sth fam
one and all liter
like one + pp
wie ein(e) ...

9. one Brit, Aus dated fam (sb who is lacking respect, is rude, or amusing):

you are a one!
she's a one!


to be as one on sth form
to be at one with sb form

one-on-ˈone ADJ inv Am

1. one-on-one SPORTS:

For·mu·la ˈOne NOUN

II . ˈnum·ber-one NOUN esp Am fig (one's self)

one-di·ˈmen·sion·al ADJ

1. one-dimensional inv (having one dimension):

2. one-dimensional (superficial):

ˈone-horse ADJ attr, inv

one-ˈleg·ged ADJ attr, inv

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